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How I came across the wonderful land of JE.

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I was into anime and I remember obsessing over Lovely Complex when I was in 5th grade (2007). A little fact about me, when I really like an opening song, I will never EVER skip it. Example case was with Kimi + Boku = LOVE? But before that, I shall share my desperation just to know the artist to that awesome song. One day I was watching an episode of LoveCom and got frustrated because I really wanted to know who sang my favorite song that time. I paused the video to where the artist is showing and so my hardship began. We've had this japanese book and me being desperate, scanned the whole table of hiragana and katakana just to 'read' what was shown on the screen. and ALAS! I found it! "TEGOMASU" it says.
As for the second opening, Hey! Say! I never really liked it. But BON BON is a different story, I LOVED IT to the fact that I repeated it who knows how many times. I had no idea that the same group performed those songs mentioned. Thank God that I can clearly understand what was written and it says "Hey! Say! 7".

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New Year's eve of 2007-2008, I was surfing the channels of our television when one guy caught my attention. I was watching from Animax and they're airing Animax Musix. I, that time, just finished watching Nobuta wo Produce starring Yamapi and I was surprised to see him in Animax. I didn't know that he was in a boy group and it was like a total kyaaah moment to see them perform their newly released single, "weeeek". After a "weeeek" (pun intended lol) of repeating NEWS song and obsessing over them, I just realized that TegoMasu was a part of NEWS. AND I WAS MIND BLOWN BY THE OVER-WHELMING EPICNESS OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING THAT TIME.

      Since then I started to search more about NEWS (copyright then wasn't much of a deal so I can easily see their shop pics lmaoo) and follow their growth. As for Hey! Say! 7 (JUMP) , they didn't really get much of my attention that time since I was basically inlove with Yamapi so I HAD to follow his activities so HSJ was left in the dark and was thrown out of my system.

And how my heart was stolen by JUMP after years of being away from the fandom will be told in another entry.
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